Dear Readers,
Hi, Welcome and hope you find this SCAP website informative and interesting. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is not a new subject but has gone through a significant evaluation process and has gradually changed to what we see today a more structured Supply chain supported by well defined processes. In Pakistan SCM practices are there but mostly not well established. Therefore, resources are not allocated very efficiently and our industry remains unable to reach its true potential. One very important reason for such state of affairs is lack of awareness about SCM standards and its benefits. Under the prevailing situation there is much opportunity for bringing in good supply chain practices in the organizations that will result in cost and service efficiencies and will also benefit our nation. Hence the need for formation of this supply chain professionals networking forum. Supply Chain Association of Pakistan (SCAP) is a body of professionals which was established in 2008 with the objective to get SCM recognized and adopted as a real professional field across Pakistan. It will provide a platform for the development and exchange of information not only within the industry but will also establish bridge between the industry and the academic world to create a pool of knowledge and inculcate a culture of research. Besides creating networking opportunities for its members, SCAP will also help them in professional advancement through relevant trainings and internationally recognized certifications. The industrial and trading organizations and various logistics service providers will be greatly benefit from SCAP as it will liaise with various government bodies for infrastructure development, process facilitation and legislation making that will help in overall improvement of the economic environment in the country. I would like to thank you for your time to review our website and invite you to join hands with us in search of excellence. We will request you to send your suggestions for improvement as well as keep us sending articles on supply chain to make this site better every day.

M Qaysar Alam
Supply Chain Association of Pakistan

Prior the Supply Chain Conference organized on 8th of May, on 7th of May President Supply Chain Association of Pakistan, Mr. Qaysar Alam was invited by Aaj TV for an interview on Supply Chain. This is available on the You Tube where you can go through using the following link. Its informative and interesting being the first of its kind of interview on supply chain on Pakistani media channel.